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Servicing all makes & models of hot tubs & spas

  Expert workmanship by factory trained technicians
  Quality parts on board to serve your tub on the spot
  Fast & friendly "no wait" same-day service


We are the leader in installation, wiring and maintenance of hot tubs and portable home spas.
Service & Warranty

Doctor Service

  • In store service of water-tested bench repairs done quickly
  • House calls for new and old tubs
  • Tub removal done safely
  • Large selection of parts and plumbing in stock
  • Trained technicians and installers

Warranty Service

  • One stop-product, home delivery, freight from factory
  • Warranty repair
  • Quick response, no hassle, dealer support (service requests for Save on Spas, Dynasty Spas, on more…)
Workmanship & Experience

It does matter who works on your spa. The Hot Tub Doctors team is comprised of local technicians who are experts in their fields, and knowledgeable about how each model of spa is best serviced and maintained in their territories. Their deeply integrated skill sets, when applied to work done on your spa, provide value not offered by anyone else in the industry.

Our mobile service department is ready to serve. We always have certified Spa and Hot Tub technicians on staff. Our mobile service team is available for dispatch when you need.

Professional Installation
by Certified Electricians

The Hot Tub Doctors offers electrical installation, wiring and maintenance of hot tubs and portable home spas for Ontario, Canada.

Parts & Chemicals

We test all of our spa parts, chemicals and accessories and provide your with continued status updates on the best products and maintenance practices for your spa with each house call or consultation. You will have access to the latest technologies and the most proven methods, ensuring that you get the best spa experience for your dollar.

Parts & Supplies

We stock and custom order parts and supplies to create a service package to fit your needs:
We provide 3 main categories to a range of service ares.
Spa Parts
"New" or "Refurbished"
  • Spa Parts
  • Wiring
  • Motors
  • Controllers
  • Thermostats
  • Lighting Systems
  • Sound Systems
  • And more…
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Spa Supplies
"The Essentials"
  • Filter Cartridges
  • Spa Chemicals
  • Sanitizers
  • Chemical Kits
  • Test Strips
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Spa Fragrances
  • Body Spa-Shea Butter
  • And more…
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Spa Accessories
"Bits & Pieces"
  • Steps & Storage
  • Spa Covers
  • Cover Lifters
  • Garden Tub Kits
  • Leisure Tub Kits
  • And more…
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Our Products

Here are just a few of our products. Contact us for more information or to make a purchase.
Ozonators & DC Power Supplies

We carry top-of-the-line ozonators to keep your water crystal clear and DC power supplies for controlling the lights and stereo systems in your hot tubs.


Email us for a quote on parts and installation

Master Deluxe Filter Cartridges

We recommend the Reemay Master Deluxe Quality Filter Cartridges as the most effective, durable pool and hot tub spa filter cartridges, at an affordable price.


Email us for a quote on parts and installation

In.Touch unit from Gecko

This unit will allow you to control your hot tub from any Apple or Android platform. Easy instructions for installation and operation of the unit.


Email us for a quote on parts and installation

Dyna-Flo 6 HP-SPL Spa Pump

High performance spa pump, eco friendly technology. Dynasty Spas®, Waterway


Email us for a quote on parts and installation

Viper 56-Frame Pool & Spa Pump

Viper 56-Frame Pool & Spa Pump. Waterway


Email us for a quote on parts and installation

Gecko S-Class Spa Packs


Email us for a quote on parts and installation

Gecko XE Spa Packs

The perfect control system for entry level spas. In.xe combines Aeware by Gecko's in.pac series breakthrough features and signature design with a heat.wav integrated heater in optimal price/performance configurations for typical entry level spas (dual pumps, dual pumps & blower, single pump or single pump & blower with key accessories).


Email us for a quote on parts and installation

Gecko XM packs

Our new and innovative in.xm spa pack platform includes all the features and functions the spa and hot tub industry expects in a stunning new power box design that breaks all rules and standards with its superb combination of looks and functionality.


Email us for a quote on parts and installation

Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner

Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner is an environmentally-friendly, enzyme based spa-water treatment product that can reduce and eliminate the need for many of the chemicals used in traditional spa water treatment.



Email us for a quote on parts and installation

Swirl Away Pipe Cleaner

Swirl Away Hot Tub & Spa Pipe Cleaner dissolves accumulated bath and body oils in the prevention of build-up in the plumbing lines of your hot tub, jacuzzi or spa. Just one 500 ml bottle of Swirl Away pipe cleaner is enough to treat 400 gallon units twice.


Email us for a quote on parts and installation

SpaBoss Spa-Shock, Lithium, Prevent II

Spa Boss Spa Shock is a non chlorinating shock treatment for Hot Tubs. Spa Shock is an oxidizer and can be used with chlorine and bromine sanitizing products. Spa Boss Lithium is a granular chlorine sanitizer that can be added directly to the Hot Tub water, contains no calcium and tarts to disinfect immediately with less odour than traditional chlorines. Spa Boss Prevent II is a weekly stain and scale treatment.


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About US

We are the Certified Dynasty Spas® Service & Parts Supplier
The Hot Tub Doctors helps you to get the most enjoyment out of your hot tub or spa.

We’ve been caring for Hot Tubs and Spas with a passion since 2001. In fact, we travel all over Ontario and spend thousands of hours each year helping clients and customers with timely, accurate, effective parts and service.

We take pride in ensuring that the parts and supplies that our customers desire are the perfect fit for their spa and lifestyle. Our strength is taking the time to understand our customers’ goals, both in terms their needs and desires.

It is our mission to fully understand your needs and know the exact nature of your problem, time frame, geographical territory and relevant spa parts and supplies in order to provide you with a customized package that will bring you the best results and most enjoyment of your spa.

Whether your goal is to hire help or care for your tub yourself, The Hot Tub Doctors will specify and supply the best product or service, using their extensive, up-to-date knowledge of current and past spa models.

  • Start with the best:

    Expert workmanship, quality parts & friendly service.

  • Then make it better with:

    Proven skills and experience from the industry's best team and master electrician.

  • For a perfect finish:

    Cost effective and timely delivery.

  • On demand hydrotherapy, each and every day.
  • Provides a greater sense of balance between work and play.
  • Why spend thousands on a 4 day vacation, when you can have year-round enjoyment right in your own backyard?


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Dynasty Spas is one of the largest manufactures of hot tubs and spas in the world. Dynasty specializes in custom built massage therapy spas. With Dynasty's oversized pumps and jets you get the best the industry has to offer. By giving you a high volume, low pressure, deep tissue massage you will be motivated to use it everyday. Dynasty offers you an extensive amount of features and options, so instead of picking a couple options you like you can have them ALL without compromising, so there will not be any regrets!

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